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Acacia Wood Philippines

Acacia Board - Set Collection

Acacia Board - Set Collection

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This high quality, modern Serving Board belongs to your kitchen. Made from real Acacia Wood, this will last you a lifetime.

We offer customized engraving for each board. To know more about customized engraving, click this link.

Acacia Board Dimensions (with Handle):
AB-SetA: 16.5in x 10in • 14.5in x 7in
AB-SetB: 6.5in x 4.75in • 9.5in x 4.75in • 12in x 4.75in
AB-SetC: 11.75in x 8.5in • 13.25in x 9.75in • 16.5in x 12.5in
AB-SetD: 15.25in x 6.5in • 18.5in x 7in 

Acacia Wood Philippines X Cactus and Canvas
Proudly handmade in the Philippines

Lead time

For orders without custom engraving, lead
time for production is 1-2 days.

For orders with custom engraving, lead
time for production is 3-7 days, depending on
the item, design and quantity.

Daily Cut-off is 3pm.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping/delivery charges will be shouldered by the client.


Proudly Made in the Philippines

Handcrafted with love for our beloved clients.

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